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Updates to the Baku-Verse

Hello Folks,

Many things happening in the background here. I'll shed some light on a few of them...

1. Dark Messiah is coming into the home stretch. I am eager to share this leg of the journey with everyone. Pre-orders are looking solid and I have a meeting set up with marketing to discuss launch strategy and growth

2. I am working on a table top rpg set in the Baku world that will take place after the events of Dark Messiah. I have been talking to multiple folks and it looks like this will be coming down the pike in 2023. I am super excited to share this with everyone. More details coming!

3. Website is undergoing a redesign and we'll be adding merch. I have a bunch of artists working on T-shirt and branding designs and look forward to offering some great Baku content.

4. Next series. We have already had cover reveals for the Soulstealer series which will be the prequel origin story of Oxivius spanning from BC to his exile in the 1600's. I love this world of monsters and magic and am staying true to the course. There will be 3 books in the Soulstealer series and I am committing to another 3 book series following the events of Dark Messiah. In total that's 9 books in Baku universe... but wait there's more! I tried the vella format and it just wasn't for me, but The Druid of Morrigu isn't done. I'll be pulling down the Vella series and giving Arrivan and Owen their very own book spanning Baku Trilogy and beyond.

Thank you for all your love and support. I'm not ready to give up on this Baku-universe. In fact, I am going all in.

As Xlina would say we'll see you... "In your dreams."

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