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Beyond The Mist

Exploring Otherworld

Otherworld is inspired by Celtic Mythology and is used in conjunction with Portland Maine as the setting of the Baku Series.

Oxivius Soulforge

Death Eater

A descendant from the legend of Lamia, often called a death eater, Oxivius consumes flesh of the dead and stores a portion of their soul within his body. Each soul appears as a face manifesting as living tattoos on his body. 

Oxivius was exiled by the Council of Magic for four hundred years to Otherworld for his unspeakable crimes against humanity. In Otherworld Oxivius studied necromancy under the tutelage of the Witch of Endor. He has returned from his exile to modern day Portland, now a master of the dark arts Oxivius hunts the street of the Old Port with a hidden agenda of his own. 

Oxivus Soulforge illustrated by Micha Cole aka Lady Pirotessa

Xlina Dar'Karrow


Xlina Dar'Karrow is a descendent of the legendary Baku. A mythical being know to consume the nightmares of others. As the daughter of a druid, Xlina has the unique ability to channel the nightmare magic and unleash it on the creatures of the night. Unsatisfied with just being a spectator Xlina ventures into the mist to hunt the creatures feeding on humanity. When her meddling with Otherworld draws the attention of an Arch Demon her life is turned upside down as she is draw into a deadly Infernal Game. 

Bound by the succubus Valeria, Xlina is pitted against her patron's demonic rival Ertigan in a bloody game of living chess. Will her new found friend Oxivius prove the key to her salvation or will the mysterious necromancer only lead her further into damnation?

Xlina Dar'Karrow is illustrated by Micha Cole aka Lady Pirotessa

Amber Sedgewick

Host to the Spirit of Fire

Amber Sedgewick is just your typical socialite, prom queen, cheerleader, and all-American girl. Until she crosses path with the less studious Xlina. After being targeted by a Cephalopod from the infernal realms, Amber is thrust into a contentious friendship with Xlina. Soon her eyes are opened to the Otherworld and the magic lurking just under the surface of her perfectly mundane life.

Amber finds herself defenseless against a bevy of magical threats until she meets the fire spirit, Brick. Not just any fire spirit, Brick is the ghost of fire, the first flame stolen by Prometheus and given to all humanity. Being the ghost of fire, Brick can inhabit a willing human host and share his command of fire with them. He forms an instant bond with Amber and she carries him with her willingly.

Amber Sedgewick and Brick are illustrated by Micha Cole aka Lady Pirotessa

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