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Reed Logan Westgate - Captivating, Dark, and Romantic

My first interview by Naomi Bolton 
Posted on 22nd of July, 2021


Live on Amazon Vella

Thanks for all the love and support in the first week since Vella Launched. It is an awesome feeling to break out in week one and be ranked number 24.

The Infernal Games

April 30, 2020

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. The first title from Reed Logan Westgate is now available on Amazon. Order your copy today.  


“Acting for the sake of acting sounds like a fool’s errand,” Oxivius insisted. “Action merely to prevent one from inaction with no defined goal or purpose? That, my dear, is bumbling.”

Reed Logan Westgate, The Infernal Games

Reed Logan Westgate - Captivating, Dark, and Romantic

Interview with

Interview by Naomi Bolton 
Posted on 22nd of July, 2021

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Reed Logan Westgate was born in Sanford, Maine and attended college in Dover, New Hampshire where he studied Accounting and Finance. He currently works for a non-profit social service agency in the finance department. He married his dream girl whom he met in grade school. They have a loving family with two beautiful daughters. In his spare time, he enjoys tabletop gaming, roleplaying games, and fishing.

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Hey folks, The Infernal Games is now listed on goodreada. Please feel free to add me to your favorite authors!


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