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A look into Oxivius Soulforge

Oxivius Soulforge, the cannibal necromancer. Exiled to otherworld during the Salem witch trials Oxivius is everything Xlina's father taught her was evil in the magical world. Ox challenges Xlina to reconsider all her preconceived notions of good and evil. Oxivius serves as a mentor and friend to Xlina who guides her into finding and realizing her true potential. But who is the wily necromancer and where did he come from? Oxivius was born a descendant of the Lamia. The ability to consume the flesh of others grants Oxivius a prolonged life, the ability to experience memories of those he consumes, and most importantly the consumption of organs allows Oxivius to steal a portion of his victims soul. The soul appears on his flesh in a living tapestry of writhing and anguished faces.

Over time the combination of his long life and the storing of souls in his flesh drove the Death Eater to the brink of his sanity. After seeing his wife burned at the stake for witchcraft Oxivius became the feral monster he had always feared. Reveling in bloodlust and slaughter he was saved by the Burglecuts who vouched for him before the Counsel of Magic. The counsel however deemed that Oxivius and his hunger for flesh were too much to control and he was exiled to Otherworld. In the Baku series we see Oxivius recently returned to earth realm with centuries of training under the Witch of Endor in otherworld. The Witch of Endor is intended to be the same necromancer consulted by Saul in the bible. At this stage in his journey Oxivius has become a powerful necromancer in his own right and has learned to harness the souls trapped in his flesh to fuel the dark arts. Thus instead of burning his own soul, he forges the souls trapped in his flesh into powerful necromantic magic. Many readers and reviewers have become captivated with the mysterious necromancer and so I have decided to go back and tell his Origin story when I wrap up the third book in the Baku Trilogy. Thanks for sharing in this world with me,


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